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Irish Poutine


Curried beef gravy, shaved corned beef, green onions & mozzarella cheese served in a personal size casserole dish. 

Irish Nachos 


Irish style crisps, deep fried & topped with tomato, green onion, jalapeño, diced peppers, cilantro & mixed cheeses. Baked to perfection & served with a side of salsa & sour cream. (Vegetarian and Gluten free.)

One Pound of Breaded Chicken Wings


Your choice of mild, medium, hot, honey garlic, teriyaki or buffalo Caesar. Served with fresh veggies.

Salt and Chili Calimari


Homemade breaded deep fried calamari tossed with salt & chillies. Served with a slice of lemon & a side of sweet ‘n’ hot Thai sauce. 

Murphy's Platter


Wings, onion rings, breaded mushrooms, Irish nachos, & veggies. Served with sour cream, sweet & spicy mayo & salsa.

Curry Fries


Freshly cut homemade fries topped with a homemade curry sauce. A popular snack in every Irish village our curry chips are the best this side of the Atlantic. (Vegetarian and Gluten free.)



Served with your choice of dip: curried mayo, plum, pesto mayo, ranch, sour cream, hot sauce, mayo, marinara or sweet and spicy mayo.

Sweet Potato Fries 


Served with your choice of dip: Curried Mayo, Ranch Sauce, Sour Cream, Marinara or Sweet & Spicy Mayo.

Onion Rings


Served with your choice of dip: Curried Mayo, Ranch Sauce, Sour Cream, Marinara or Sweet & Spicy Mayo.

Breaded Mushrooms 


Served with your choice of dip: Curried Mayo, Ranch Sauce, Sour Cream, Marinara or Sweet & Spicy Mayo.

Tiger Shrimp


Six black tiger shrimp sautéed in a white wine & garlic sauce. Served with a sliced baguette coated in garlic butter.


Homemade burgers with 100% Canadian meat, served with lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion & served with fries. Our buns are made locally for PJs. Burgers offered as gluten-free (without the bun) upon request.

Cladagh Burger


Tie the knot with our 6oz burger topped with cheddar cheese.

Salthill Burger


Our 6oz burger topped with crispy smoked bacon, BBQ sauce & house sweet & spicy mayo.

Brian Boru Burger


Coated in Smokey mushroom aioli with sweet Swiss cheese, a fried egg, & a crown of onion rings. A burger fit for a king!

The Quiet Man


 PJ Murphy’s signature burger topped with Irish bacon,smothered in a sweet  honey mustard sauce and a side of mayo.

Murphy’s Full Monty


Breaded chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon & pesto mayo, topped with a salt & pepper-dusted chicken wing.

Spicy Bunsen Burger


Our house burger topped with sweet sautéed onions, jalapeño & chipotle aioli, cheddar cheese & bacon.

George Bernard Shaw


Vegetarian burger topped with all the trimmings.


Caesar Salad

Side 6   Large 11.5 

Fresh romaine lettuce, bacon, croutons  & Parmesan mixed with creamy Caesar dressing.
Add chicken for 4.40 extra.

Greek Salad

Side 6.5  Large 12.5

Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onions, Kalamata olives & feta cheese over a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, & dressed with red wine vinaigrette. (Vegetarian option)
Add chicken for 4.40 extra.

Iveagh Garden

Side 6  Large 11.50

Spring mix, cherry tomato, green onion, cucumbers & peppers. Served with your choice of dressing. (Vegetarian option)
Add chicken for 4.40 extra.

Main Dishes

Chicken Buffalo Wrap


Spicy chicken wrapped with lettuce, tomato, onion & cheddar cheese served with fries.

Rialto Reuben on Rye


Our house cured corned beef sliced thinly & piled high, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, Jameson & bacon sauerkraut, on grilled marble rye. 

The Workman’s Club


Grilled chicken breast (5oz), smoked crispy bacon, mayo, tomato relish served on your choice of white, whole wheat, or marble rye bread. Served with a side of fries.

Chicken Fingers 


Breaded chicken fingers served with fries, carrots & celery sticks & a side of plum sauce.

Steak & Guinness Pie


Tender, slow cooked beef, hardy vegetables with a rich delicious sauce, baked to perfection, topped with a puff pastry crust. Served with a side of mashed potatoes.

Salmon with Lemon Dill


6oz salmon fillet grilled & coated in a lemon dill sauce served with a side of rice & seasonal vegetables. (Gluten free Option.)

Irish Ginger Stir Fry 


Sesame & ginger stir fry with peppers, onions, broccoli on a bed of rice. (Vegetarian and Vegan option.)

Liver & Onions


Tender beef liver, bacon, seasoned with salt, pepper & thyme, topped with sautéed red onions & accompanied by a side of fries and gravy. Great choice on a soft day. (Gluten free Option.)

Mac n’ Cheese


For the pasta lover! House cheese sauce & corkscrew pasta with chopped bacon & seasoned breadcrumbs, baked until golden brown. Served with garlic cronstini.

Shepherd’s Pie


A traditional Irish dish. Spiced ground beef, peas, & onion, topped with mashed potato & baked Irish cheddar & a side of gravy. Served with your choice of side.

Bangers & Mash


100% Irish made sausages (especially made for PJ Murphy’s) placed on mashed potatoes, topped with crispy battered onions. Served with a side of gravy of course! 

Chicken Madras


Tender pieces of chicken with peppers & onions simmered in our spicy madras sauce served with basmati rice & grilled naan.

10 oz Striploin Steak


AAA Angus steak cooked to your liking served with your choice of potatoes, seasonal vegetables & our home made peppercorn sauce.

Irish Whiskey Chicken


Roasted chicken topped with Jameson mushroom gravy. Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

14 for 1 piece or 16.5 for 2 pieces

A classic no matter where you lay your head! Golden fried cod cooked in a light tasty beer batter, served with crispy fries, tangy tartar sauce, Irish coleslaw & a lemon wedge.


Death by Chocolate Cake 8
Turtle Cheesecake  8
Crème Brulee  8
Pecan Flan  7
Greek yogurt Raspberry Cheesecake 9

add ice cream for an additional  2

Kids Menu

Poutine 7.5
2 Chicken Fingers & Fries 8
1 Banger & Mash  8
Mac 'n' Cheese 7.5
Mashed Potatoes & Stew 8

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